Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All That Glitters

Gold has broken the $1,500 barrier. I am "in" gold stocks! When I bought in October of '08 gold was $718 per ounce and shares were $17. I should have bought much more. But then it could have gone the other way and then I should have bought less. Much less. Now gold is $1500 per ounce and shares are $70. It is mysterious to me that gold stocks have gone up much more than the price of gold. I do not understand everything but Life is good!


  1. I do enjoy seeing that capitalist glitter in your

  2. Ah yes, but even Karl Marx had to buy gas...

  3. Gotta go with JB ;-) Let's see now I have a half dozen 1 OZ Krugerands I bought for 400 US some years ago - time to get those things in a safety deposit box I think.