Saturday, April 9, 2011

Great Show!

“The Australian Bee Gees” put on a great show at Don Laughlin’s Riverside Casino. They look so much like the originals it is rather spooky! Their sound is right on as well. For many of their songs they were playing video of the original group’s performance and the synchronization was perfect.

We may have been too close to the stage however. Our seats were about ten feet from the lead singer (“Robin”) and it seemed like much of the sound was going over our heads and it would probably have sounded a little better back a bit. The show lasted about one hour and twenty minutes which seemed a little short, probably because I remembered the words for most of the songs and was singing along! It was well worth the price of admission!


  1. Hi Croft. I hate to say it, Buddy, but you're showing your age. All kidding aside, if I'd been there I would have been singing right along with you. Glad you enjoyed the performance. Paul

  2. Maybe so Paul but I will take the Bee Gees over Britney Spears any day!

  3. To quote myself from a recent Blog entry, "Old age carries with it a plethora of nuisances, but it possesses unique advantages too – long memories. Events and their context, about which younger generations only learn from hearsay, read in books or hear in vintage music, belong to their elders’ personal experience."

    Go ahead and show your age amigo - it is a badge of courage these days ;-)