Sunday, April 10, 2011

Long Way To Las Vegas

We left Laughlin at about 10 this morning planning on a short drive to Las Vegas. When we got to the bridge at the north end of Laughlin the left turn to Vegas was barricaded off! There were no signs or anything, just Road Closed!

There are two other ways, one back the way we came towards Kingman but that involves a 2500 foot 6% climb which my gas tank wanted to avoid. The other way, through Needles, CA is longer but flatter. We headed for Needles. It probably added a good hour to the trip but we made it to Las Vegas. We decided not to stay here but to go to Pahrump for a couple of nights at Terrible's Casino and RV Resort. It is one of the highest rated RV parks in the USA and is also a Passport America park so we get it for $20 per night - half price!.

I am sitting in the motorhome in front of Macy's in Henderson, NV while Norma is shopping for something only available at Macy's. It is 72 degrees outside and a blue but slightly overcast sky. My solar system is charging at 13.4 volts. Life is good!


  1. Terribles is great value with your PA discount. My Fella and I stayed there last month and paid only $15.81 per night, taxes included.
    Very pretty park too - we'd definitely stay there again.

  2. Detour Laughlin

    I took a ride over to Pahrump when I was out that way. I planned to stay at Terribles, but had to change my plans. Have a great time.


    Sorry, don't think the first link made it.

  4. This is the most adventerous blogs I have ever read. Hope to see more.