Friday, April 15, 2011

Tonopah, NV and Brothels

We had a very nice drive from Pahrump to Tonopah. Wide open desert and little wind. Two lane highway all the way with a few abandoned mines and a bunch of not so abandoned brothels. Prostitution is legal everywhere in Nevada except Las Vegas.

I think it is a good idea. It gets the workers off the streets and into a safer work environment. They get medical checkups and (biggie) pay taxes! We are not going to do away with the sex trade (even if we wanted to) so we may as well make it safer for all concerned!

Norma would not let me go any further than reading the menu. :(


  1. Wives tend to take a dim view on that amigo - just as well - keeps you healthy, wealthy and wise.

  2. But the daily "special" looked like so much fun!

  3. Not legal in Clark County (Las Vegas), also not legal in Washoe County (Reno).