Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kingman, AZ

We looked at the maps last night and set Flagstaff, AZ as a destination for today. I then looked at the weather forecast and they were calling for snow tonight and tomorrow in Flagstaff! There were no really good options as everything around Flagstaff is the same altitude, 7100 feet.

The only thing to do was to make it a long day and drive to Kingman, AZ. We were on the road for about seven hours and parked in the Walmart at about 6:00 PM. There was a security guard parked near some other RV's so I asked him if it was OK to park. He said, "Walmart says go ahead but the City says no overnight parking. All I can say is walmart welcomes you but I cannot guarantee the City will not kick you out. In my four years here, no one has been kicked out". Taking that as an OK we parked beside 12 other RV's.

We are heading for Las Vegas but always like to stop in Laughlin for a night or two. I checked the Internet  and found the Australian Bee Gees are performing at the Riverside. They are a tribute band that has played all over the world for the past ten years. I ordered two tickets for tomorrow night on line for $25 each. I will report.

After that I walked over to Walmart to see if they could do an oil change in the motorhome in the morning and they can. I then looked for a pair of steel toed work shoes for LindaLee and they had her size! I was losing hope as these boots have been discontinued and each store has only had five or six pair, never in her size. Tonight I lucked out! Life is good!


  1. We own a commercial lot in Kingman just up Stockton Ave from Walmart - You could have parked there for free amigo!

  2. I had no idea you were such a land owner!

  3. Just a vacant lot left to my sisters and me. We have probably paid more in property taxes in the last ten years than it is worth??? 'Hardly a land baron ;-0 But a good place to park when in Kingman.