Thursday, April 28, 2011

Taxes Done! Phew!

This morning we tackled the onerous task of sorting through all six months of mail and pick out all the tax related stuff but we did it by noon. Then I loaded my TurboTax and started entering data. I completed both returns and then had it calculate the income splitting Canada now offers pensioners. It recommended we split a certain amount, which I did, and it saved us $500! I Netfiled the returns and then electronically paid what we owed. It cost us a couple of thousand (plus the few thousand already deducted from my pension) but it is done for another year!

Remember the old days when we had to go to the post office, pick up a return and then painstakingly fill in all the boxes and mail everything with a cheque? It is so much easier now!

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  1. We finally did ours today. First time ever waiting for Apr 30th. Turbo Tax is great though.