Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Home Safe and Sound!

We left Brooks and Linda's this morning, stopped at our favorite breakfast place and drove home. We arrived at about three o'clock and flopped in front of our respective TV's, mine in the bottom room and Norma's in the bedroom. The house was left spotless by our house sitter. 

We drove home through the hardest rainstorm of the whole trip. It just teemed down for about half the way. A tough drive but it is nice to be home!

The TV broadcast is being interrupted to warn of tornadoes in the South USA where we just left. We got away in time! I will be doing taxes for a couple of days but then I will have something to add about the trip, I will try to do a budget and Chris has asked how many miles we put on the motorhome. I will dig up all that soon. Thanks for riding with us!

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