Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spam Fighter

My Shoutbox has been plagued by spam lately. A couple of times a day I have to delete five to ten spam messages. Most of them are the result of the latest Philippine craze of  "blogwalking". These people search the Internet for random Blogs and then leave a link back to their own Blog or website in the hope that I and my readers will visit their site and buy something from them or click on one of their Adsence ads. The practice is very annoying and it requires a couple of steps to delete each of them.

Considering most of them come from the Philippines and that I have few if any legitimate readers there, I have started to "ban" the Internet providers these people are using. This of course means that legitimate commenters from there are also banned. This is unfortunate.

EDIT: I banned four ISP's and only got one spam last night. I may have found the active one!

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