Thursday, April 14, 2011

Reasons To Slow Down

This is what we would be facing if we went home today! Snow! We are a little ahead of schedule but want to spend a few days at Brooks and Linda’s before we head up to Campbell River to do our taxes and start our summer chores. The taxes have to be sent by the 30th so it is a matter of close timing!


  1. Hi Croft & Norma:
    We too have been looking at the weather and also the travel north through the States once we hit Ely, Nevada. Makes me cold just to think about it. We plan to make a stop in Kelowna for a few days and it's still freaking cold there too. Somehow it takes a little of the joy out of going home.

  2. Croft,
    Yesterday we had 4-5 inches of snow in Whistler. I'm so done with it and that's coming from a skier. I think spring will be bypassing BC and we'll be straight into summer. That's good cause we're leaving in mid May for a month. Take care and be sure to get home in time to file and vote. Kelly