Friday, April 8, 2011

Not Bad For Free

I got up early this morning and drove the Honda over to the Walmart Lube and Oil Centre for a lube, oil and new wiper blades. It took them a half hour and the bill was $35. Good Deal! Next I took the motorhome in. They refused to put synthetic oil in it and only relented when I agreed to buy the oil separately so they could call it “customer provided oil”. They then changed the filter and added the oil I bought.  I don’t know what the problem was, all other Walmarts have used synthetic oil in the past. Anyway, they did the lube and oil, changed the air filter and charged me $69 plus $50 for the oil so it was an expensive oil change.

We then left for Laughlin where we have tickets for tonight's show. It was cold and miserable with a sleet coming down. It was going to change to snow any second but we stayed ahead of it. We had made reservations in an RV park but when we drove past the Riverside Casino where the show is we noticed several RV’s in the overflow parking lot. We drove in to check and there must be twenty signs saying “No Overnight Camping”. I called the casino and asked and they told me it was a city bylaw and since Laughlin never closes, they consider more than 24 hours to be “overnight”. So, no problem parking for less than 24 hours. That is great! We can walk to the Riverside for the show, see what else Laughlin has to offer, sleep and head for Las Vegas around noon tomorrow, well under the 24 hour limit.

Here is our parking space. Not bad for free.

EDIT: I spoke too soon. A knock on the door and we were told we were in the wrong lot. We had to move to the “South Lot” where we are crammed in with a long row of RV’s with no view. At least we found a spot where we could leave the car and dolly attached. Still not bad for free.


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