Thursday, April 21, 2011

Seven Cedars Casino

We are parked for the night less than an hour from the ferry dock at the Seven Cedars Casino (aka 7 Cedars Casino) on the Hood Canal. Norma is adding up all our receipts for the last six months, hoping we will be under the $1,500 limit for the two of us. It is going to be close which is usually good enough for the border inspectors. We are WAY over on booze but all but a couple of bottles are open and half empty. Technically they could measure everything and charge us $1 per ounce on everything over 40 oz each. They have never done that before but there is always a first time. They are mainly looking for sealed bottles that we could be intending to sell.

We took our left over USA cash to the casino. I only had about $10 which the slot machine relieved me of in about five minutes. Like last year, it never even gave me a taste of a win. It just took it as fast as I could push the button. Norma had more and she is still over there feeding the monster. She will stick with it until it is all gone. This casino is a great place to boondock but a very poor place to gamble. I never expect to walk away with any of their money but I do expect to get a little entertainment for my money. I figure $10 should buy me maybe a half or even an hour of entertainment by whetting my appetite with the odd small win. Here, this has never happened. I play 40 pennies at a time (some machines take 500 pennies per play) and it just takes it, giving me the very odd "win" of 15 cents. I usually have fun playing within my $20 self imposed limit, but not here. Still, it is a great place to park.

The fifth game of the Vancouver - Chicago hockey series is on at 7:00 so I set up the Starchoice. The Canucks are ahead 3 games to 1 and they only have to win one more to take the series. It would be nice if they did it tonight in front of the home crowd.


  1. The Canuckleheads did not make it happen last night in front of the Vancouver home crowd. What a waste of TV air time. Whatever is ailing them I hope they can find resolve before game time this Sunday evening back in Chicago.

    Bet you are anxious to get home now that you are so close....and so anxious to get working on filing your income tax, cleaning gutters, power washing the house....and all the other good stuff that comes with returning home after an absence such as yours.

    On the up side, we have been promised one very nice sunny day for Saturday.

    Good luck.

  2. Mexi-Croft ... haven't heard from you in a few days. Hope you didn't have a bad border experience and end up in the clink!
    Email if you need bail money :)