Sunday, April 17, 2011

Crystal Crane Hot Springs

Twenty five miles east of Burns, Oregon on Highway 78 is the Crystal Crane Hot Springs. We decided to spend the night here for a soak in the springs. The campground is Passport America, charging members only $9 per night. This price includes all the soaking you want in the natural hot springs! The posted temperature is 96 but I don’t know where they measured that at. At the pipe flowing in, I am sure it is well over 100!

Hot water enters the pool from three sources. You can move from one spot to the other until you find your favorite spot! We were the only ones in the pool at 4:00 or so and stayed for a good half hour. They have very fast WIFI in the office and we are parked right next door so we get it in the rig. I set up the Starchoice dish and am watching the game after a long soak. Ahhhh… Life is Good!

EDIT: We decided to spend one more day here. The hot springs are just too nice to leave. It is cold here in the High Desert, 42 this morning and 50 now at noon. Better get used to it!



  1. good game, too!


  2. I envy you dude! There are some amazing mineral baths south of Ashland, OR. (where we lived 16 years some time ago). Wow!

    I am a soaker - what can I say ;-)

  3. Sounds good. It must be chilly up there though.

  4. Thanks so much for this post. We are camped in site #2 now. Came for 2 nights, added another as soon as we saw the place. Paid for a fourth night after the first 24 hours. We may never leave. :)