Saturday, April 2, 2011

Skipped Graceland

"Ray" asks in the Shoutbox if we went to Graceland while we were in Memphis. No, we did not for a couple of reasons. The most important is that although I am an Elvis fan, I prefer to remember him as he was in the 50's and early 60's and not in the bloated condition of his later Graceland years.

The other reason is that I really object to spending $35 per person to see any attraction. We were told that we could go there and at least see the building through the fence and take photos but we did not bother. We spent the money to go to BB King's club on Beale Street instead.


  1. As you know, we are very thrifty. Or frugal. Or even cheap. So we also hesitated to do Graceland because of the steep ticket price, but we decided to visit last November.

    We paid $30 each with an online coupon, and that also allowed us to see the cars and airplanes. Was it worth it? Nope. But I'm still glad we did it. Won't ever need to do it again though!

  2. We DID hit Graceland; it surprised us being a fairly modest home. The different rooms were decorated in kind of odd ways but after all, Elvis was Elvis! The wall with all his gold records was pretty impressive. Next door some people had a horse! Pretty neat.