Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hood River, Oregon

We finally dragged ourselves away from the hot springs and got away at 11:00. Last night the RV park manager came by to tell us to disconnect the water line as it was going to freeze. It was a good thing she told us or I would have had to deal with a frozen hose this morning.

With one stop for breakfast we had a long drive and are now in the Walmart in Hood River, OR. The parking lot is posted "No Overnight Parking" but there were two other RVs here and they said they were told to go ahead and park. The signs are there just in case they need the space and have to tell us to leave. No problem tonight though as long as we are gone in the morning. Life is still good but it would be better if it was warmer!

We have a little shopping to do in “no sales tax” Oregon. With our Canadian dollar now worth $1.05 things are really cheap! We will buy a new 26” LED TV for the front of the motorhome and a 22” for the kitchen at home. Brooks called to ask us to pick up a new RV toilet for him as they are much cheaper in the USA. The Walmart here just might get well compensated for their “free” parking!

We hope to make a reservation on the Friday afternoon ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria. We will spend the long weekend with Brooks and Linda before heading home to do our taxes.


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  1. I can't believe you picked the Hood River Walmart over the dam in Rufus!

    The folks at the Walmart were so rude to me that I'm shocked that the RVers you met said they were told they could park.

    You guys are making good time. I bet your next stop will be Chehalis, WA, then Port Angeles, then Victoria. How fast a winter goes by!

  2. We came in on 197 from Burns so it would have meant several miles in the wrong direction.

    They did not have our TV so we didn't leave any money.

  3. I love Hood River. Love hanging out watching the wind surfers. The Columbia is one of the most beautiful and exciting rivers in the country, imo.