Wednesday, December 21, 2011

1825 Meters = 5990 Feet

That is the altitude of Queretaro! This is what gives us the cool nights that make it so east to sleep. Temperatures for this week will be +/- 25C (77F) in the daytime and +/- 10C (50F) at night. Perfect weather and similar to our summers at home.

You do notice this altitude when walking. I thought it was my age but I think it is the rarefied oxygen at this altitude. I am getting used to it now but I found myself slightly out of breath after a long walk or serious activity when we first arrived. Now, I am actually quite comfortable living at this altitude and I am sure it is good for me.

It is also noticeable when drinking coffee. Water boils at a lower temperature up here so coffee is not as hot as it is at sea level and cools down quickly. For someone who loves hot coffee this is a great inconvenience :).


  1. Same temps here in Mazatlan. I had no idea about that bit of boiling water at different altitudes. Always good to learn something new.

  2. Croft,
    A shot of Tequila in the coffee could heat things up for you!!!!

  3. Johnnie Disco's grandmaDecember 21, 2011 at 8:01 PM

    Days here in Lo de Marcos are mid to high 70's. Rig temp today was 78. Gets really cool here at night and is great for sleeping.

  4. coffee making water temps should be below boiling anyway - so this is good really.

  5. Johnnie Disco's Grandma, I just realized who you are! Welcome!