Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hotel Flamingo Inn – Queretaro

Here is our home for the rest of the year. There is room for three or four RV’s to park alongside the lawn and swimming pool area. There is good 15 amp power at a fairly steady 120 volts for each unit and water through a very long green hose is available to fill your fresh water tank. There is a dump about fifty feet behind the motorhome that I can back up to when I need to dump. There are immaculate washrooms and showers available by the pool so I hope to make the waste tanks last for at least a week or ten days. There was a conference in the hotel today but normally there are few cars parked along this road inside the gated hotel grounds.

The WIFI is excellent and requires a code that they gave me at the desk. There is a gym that we were offered a key for but turned down. The pool is very clean and warm although shaded most of the day by trees and buildings. When I went for my shower the desk gave me huge towels to use. All the reception staff and many of the grounds workers speak English. This is a great place! The cost is $250 pesos ($18.60) per night.

Norma noticed two of the workers washing a car yesterday and arranged for them to come over after their shift today to wash the motorhome and car for $350 pesos ($26). They will be here any minute and I will have to caution them against bumping into the StarChoice dish as it was a pain to set up this time.

Well, that was the best wash job we have ever had done! They were at it for over two hours, washing, drying and doing all the windows. They only got the motorhome done tonight before it got dark and will return tomorrow to do the car. Life is good.



  1. That's an unusual-looking RV spot! How did you guys find it? Thanks for the pictures. :)

  2. Our friends Chris and Juan stayed here a while ago when they had some work to do in Queretaro.

  3. Hi Croft. What problems did you have with the dish? Was it just the proximity of the buildings or something else? I think I'm becoming a little anxious about trying to set up this new PVR. I will be bringing both the new and old unit, just in case.

  4. I had the specs from but had a tough time finding the bird. We are surrounded by buildings and I had to set the dish very close to the cab of the MH so I may be getting reflections from either of these. When I finally found the signal I was unable to get a signal better than 30 (yellow) on the non HD box and 51 (red) on the HD unit. Some HD channels come in for a moment and then disappear, others will not come in at all. Bu putting pressure on different corners of the dish I can make the signal worse but not better.

    This is the first time we have brought the HD box with us so I have no previous experience with it and do not know if what I am seeing is normal for these latitudes or not.

    I think you are very wise to bring the SD unit with you. I have a spare SD unit as well.

  5. That is a nice looking place! Keep warm.

  6. excellent looking spot...and great price...also fab pricing on the rig and car wash...enjoy

  7. Lovely spot, not sure I could be parked on the road like that, probably would park with the door facing the grass re the dogs!

  8. This is the internal road inside the gated grounds. There are only a handfull of vehicles going past every day. It is very quiet here as the tall hedges and buildings keep the street noises out.

    If you parked facing the other way, you could not use your slide as it would be out in the road.