Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Laundry Day

We have not done laundry for a month and it was piling up in the shower! We have been watching for a lavanderia as we drove and walked around Queretaro but did not find one. We would not let the hotel laundry here do it because of the cost. The South African we met the other day told us his hotel charged him $250 pesos to wash a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. That is more than they cost to buy!

Yesterday one of the desk workers came over to see the motorhome and to practice her English so we asked her if she knew of one. Today a truck arrived to haul away out three garbage bags full of laundry to be washed, folded and bagged for $26 pesos ($1.90) per kilo. He could not weigh them here but I will let you know how much it costs. I suspect it will be much less than the number of quarters we would have had to put into a laundromat in the USA!

We were thinking of a drive to Bernal today but it is already 1:00 PM so we will have to see.


It came back at 5:00 and cost $480 pesos or $35. There were two very large shrink wrapped bundles and everything is spotless! It cost a little more than I expected but Norma figured that if she had done that much in Cocopah resort where we did our last big load, it would have cost at least $30 in the laundromat. Here, it was picked up, delivered, washed & dried, folded and bagged better than we would have done it. To top it off, she did not have to sit in a hot laundromat for hours! This was a bargain and we are happy!


  1. Great price. We did the same thing too, I don't do laundromats except in the states just because I can't find anyone to do the laundry for 26 pesos a kilo :)

  2. Great price? That's a terrible price!

    The going rate for a lavenderia in Mexico is between 11 and 15 pesos per kilo.

  3. We were looking for one of the laundries that someone runs out of their house or storefront but could not find one. This was a commercial operation that does dry cleaning as well. That is why we had to pay a little more. We will find cheaper ones in the future.

  4. Nice to have freshly laundered clothing! If you value your time - over the work involved - the cost to launder was not so bad.

  5. As Norma said, $30.00 USD vs what you paid....good deal!! Noe effort on your part!