Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Market Day!

Tuesday is Market Day in Villa Corona! We did some wandering, a little shopping and I found some fresh squeezed orange juice for $18 pesos ($1.40) per liter, poured into my own bottle.


Norma got her hair cut and eyebrows done for $80 pesos ($6) total. She says to tell you they use tweezers, not wax. I guess that is better. Labour is undervalued in Mexico.



  1. Norma you need a Union Rep(I shall be happy to be your voice)!!!!!!
    The big guy gets a woman rubbing is body for 50 minutes and you your your eyebrows tweezered!!!!! I ask you is that fair???? Cheers Les

  2. great price on the hair salon and plucking..:)....labour is definitely undervalued in Mexico..they work so hard for so little and all seem to do it with a smile...have a super day

  3. No wonder Norma looks so good! They have to use hair clippers on my eyebrows (and ears and nose), well, you get the idea.