Thursday, December 1, 2011

Starchoice Note To Ray and Los Mochis

Ray, I think it was you who asked about using the new PVR to aim the dish. We tried it tonight and it worked fine. I got the information from DishPointer, aimed in that general direction and fine tuned it using the Installation screen on the PVR, all this in the dark while being eaten alive by sand fleas! I deserve a medal at least!

We are in Los Mochis in back of Pemex #4925. There is a secure, fenced compound with a gate and 24 hour security. The guard checked us in, wrote down our plate number and had me fill in my name and address. There is no charge but we tipped him $50 pesos. We were the only RV this night and shared the lot with maybe ten trucks. There is a restaurant attached to the station where we had fish tacos for me and beef medallions for Norma.

The drive from San Carlos was a nail biter. There is a lot of construction which had us driving on very narrow roads with sharp drop-offs between 6 and 18 inches high, sometimes higher. There is nothing like being passed by a huge bus while driving with your right tires three inches from a two foot sheer drop!

As you have noticed, the Telcel Internet stick works from here although I have to sit in just the right place in the RV or it looses the signal. Life was a little trying today, but good!

Map picture


  1. I know you're on slow and limited internet, but more pictures please. ;)

  2. I love the area you are in now as I spend a week in nearby Creel... sound like the driving in that area is about the same as I remembered - are there still big rocks in the middle of the road to denote potholes?

  3. Thanks for the info on the dish and PVR hook-up. I broke down and bought one and activated it here so we should be all set when we head South after Christmas. Stay safe and well.

  4. sounds like your in a nice safe place...very stressing on the narrow roads...we hate when we have to detour and get a narrow secondary road..noone wants to be behind you and theres usually no place to pull over to let them by..I realize their frustrations a big rig we have no choice..I can remember looking out the passenger side window and seeing nothing but a safe out there..hope the roads get better for you

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