Thursday, December 15, 2011

Safe And Sound In Queretaro

It was a short drive today to Queretaro and the Hotel Flamingo Inn. When we got within ten KM of the hotel we stopped at a Pemex and asked if we could park there for two hours while we checked out the access to the hotel as it is actually in the city. There was no problem so we tipped the two pump guys to watch the motorhome while we unloaded the car and drove the route. The entrance to the hotel parking lot is on the "wrong" side of the street so we had to go around several blocks to approach it from the right direction and it looked like there was no problem for us getting in. The church's book warns against rigs over 25 feet long but we pulled in with the car and dolly attached, making us an even 49 feet. It was a little tight but nothing like our unplanned trip through that #$@&*% town yesterday!

Back we went for the motorhome and duplicated our route to the hotel. The hotel has a central lawn area with lamp posts. Each lamp post has a 15 amp electrical outlet and we parked between two bushes with our slide out over the lawn. There is room for three or four RV's to park. The friendly staff told us they would give us a hose whenever we wanted our water tank filled and there is a dump station at the end of the driveway. We booked for two weeks and that will take us to December 29. We will probably add a few more days on the end because who wants to drive on New Years Eve? The cost is $250 pesos ($18.60) per night. Pretty reasonable and is (a long) walk to the centro.

We set up the Starchoice but could not get a good enough signal for the HD channels. Maybe it is the surrounding buildings causing some multipath, I don't know. It is not a big deal and I may try again tomorrow with the dish in a different place. Not a big deal as we get all the SD channels.

We had dinner in the hotel restaurant. Norma enjoyed her pepper beef medallions but I found nothing on the menu for a vegetarian (pescaterian) to eat. There was no fish of any description on the menu so I was happy with Quesadillas and cesar salad. The bill was $445 pesos after a glass of wine each. A little steep but it is a hotel restaurant after all.

We will rest up tomorrow and then do a little exploring. I will post photos of the hotel grounds. You will be impressed!


  1. sounds like you had a much better time of it today...good thinking on leaving the rig at the gas station to go check things out..sounds like a lovely place and I look forward to your pictures ....have a super weekend...

  2. Safe & sound!! I'm sure if you ask the hotel restaurant will cook you anything you like. Sounds like a huge job unloading the car and then reloading it! How long does it take?

  3. Hi Croft & Norma:
    Eric says you should check the skew on the dish. We didn't get HD channels here until he increased the skew. 70degrees in Terrace and 100degrees in Mazatlan. Sorry about your GPS woes. Scary to be stuck in a small town in a rig.

  4. Contessa, it does not take us any longer than it takes you to unhook the car. A few minutes.

    Kathy, I have the skew at 100, the recommended setting from the Dishpointer site. Not sure what the problem is but I cannot get a "green" line.

  5. Spendy meal for our budget. Glad you are in a less stressed situation.

  6. $32 USA is a little spendy for us as well. Specially since there was nothing on the menu for me to eat except salad!

    We found a much cheaper place across the street that we will try next.