Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Norma’s Day

Today Norma wanted to hang around our end of the city and get her nails and feet done. She talked to one of the women at the desk who recommended a close by place so we set off walking. Norma lucked out by finding a great place (hands $150 pesos and feet $120 pesos) and Croft lucked out by making friends with the enchanting daughter of the owner! We spent a good hour drawing, Play-Doh’ing and teaching each other words for colors in Spanish and English. What a charmer she was! Every time Norma looked over to watch us the little girl (Danica or “Dana” for short) yelled “No Peeka”, which I am sure meant just as it sounded, “No Peeking”.



  1. looks like you had a great time entertaining the little senorita while Norma had her nails done...now that little one will have a nice memory to hold onto !!!

  2. Good job! Much better than sitting there reading or something. You're right, she is a little cutie.