Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Drug Store Trip And The Weather

I came down to Mexico a little short on my prescription drugs. We stopped at Mega today and I went to their pharmacia to buy 60 days worth of Metformin (generic) for $140 pesos and 120 days of Lipitor (brand name) for $1100 pesos. These are both a little more expensive than back in Canada but still very manageable. I like the Mexican way of letting people buy their drugs responsibly without a prescription.

I was checking the Weather Underground site and see those of you who are back in the southern States are rather chilly! Yuma is 15/2 Celcius day/night while Casa Grande is 11/-4C, Tucson is 11/-2C and Brownsville, TX is 11/1C. Even Northern Mexico is suffering the chills. Our friend Chris is in Chihuahua and complaining about -5C! On the other hand, our friends Joanna and Mimi are snug as bugs in Merida, MX at 30/20C. Here in Mazatlan we are very comfortable at 25/15C. We have yet to see an actual bandito or a bodyless head rolling down the street.

Our friend Don in Pahrump, NV had his bird bath freeze last night and it is a chilly 7C there today.

I love Mexico (specially the southern parts)!


  1. Hi Croft. Not to pry too much but do you have problems getting your medications before you leave BC. Although we only leave for a few weeks from Alberta(snowbirds in training)we have to go through a bit of a performance to ensure we have enough for the trip. Is it the same in BC.

  2. One should never be envious but, we are! Your weather sounds absolutely perfect. Too bad we won't have the time to get that far south this winter but there is always the following winter!

    Love Mexico!

  3. I agree that all the prescription thing is sad. I mean who's going to go get crazy on Lipitor?

  4. Ray, no I could have gone back to my doctor for a new prescription to last me until May but I knew how easy it was to get them down here so I didn't bother.

    I believe it is "technically" illegal to take more than a month's worth of drugs into the USA but I have never heard of it being enforced. Maybe if we tried to take in a tear's supply of Oxy they might object..

  5. Hello,
    I am a new follower of your blog. We have a time share at Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay in Mazatlan. We love to eat at Panama's. So your blog made us smile. We also have a missionary friend who lives in Tepic.
    Happy and Safe travels,
    Betty and Joe Graffis