Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The "Dump"!

It is amazing how something so simple can become so complicated! It was our friend Chris who told us about this place and told us there was a place to dump when we needed to. Well, today we needed to! We have been collecting sewage for over a week and although the tank was not full, it was odoriferous if you get my meaning.

When we parked we spoke to one of the grounds guys who told us he would help us dump. We found him but he told us he was now told that RV's were not allowed to dump because that dump was connected to the hotel recycled water system that uses recycled water to water the lawns. He told us to talk to the people at the desk.

We went to the desk but were unable to explain what we wanted. They thought we wanted to rent a room so we could use the toilet in it. Then they thought we wanted to move to a different space but admitted none of the spaces had a dump site. She then thought we had made a mess in the motorhome and needed a maid to clean it up. She finally arranged to have her and the grounds manager meet us at the rig which we did. He had been told our toilet was broken and we needed repairs. I finally took both of them to the sewer bay, showed them the sewer hose and managed to explain what we needed. No problem! He told us to dump into the same place the first guy told us we could not. Without being too graphic we explained there was more in there than gray water but they said it was connected to the sewer system and did not matter.

The grounds manager guided me back and held the hose while I pulled the lever. I warned him as best I could to be careful and that it was going to stink, which it did. He just laughed and helped me put the hose away. He earned his $20 peso tip!

In the end it turned out the woman at the desk did not understand RV's but had seen the movie "RV" and thought we had one of "those" accidents and needed help. I would pity the poor maid assigned THAT task if that had indeed been the case. I doubt if $20 pesos would have made THAT problem go away!

When you RV in Mexico, there is never a dull moment! Life is good!


  1. I can just imagine all the pantomime. Very funny post; love the cartoon!

  2. hahah good one..glad you finally got to dump...:)

  3. Now that was a real stinker. That should go in an rving book on Mexico. Next time, draw a picture!

  4. Almost time for you to do your movie.....love it!

  5. Hmmm - maybe more information than I needed while drinking my morning coffee.

    But, always an issue for RV'ers - consider a compost toilet situation ;-)

  6. ind of a crappy time trying to get the locals to understand your needs! Now are you planning to hang in when the hotel next waters the lawn? LOL

    We have not RV'd in Mexico (yet)but we have traveled it well. We understand the potential language dilemma.