Tuesday, December 6, 2011

One More Day

We decided to stay in Mazatlan one more day. Norma did not sleep well last night so we will take it easy, head down to the Panama Bakery for breakfast and to pick up some of their great bread and deserts.

The park WIFI is good here and is still free, at least for overnighters. I have only had to use my Telcel stick once when the WIFI went off. This device has connected every time I have turned it on. I don't know how we managed without it in the past. It gives Internet for just over $1 per day.

The wash guys failed to show up so we gave the MH a quick wash ourselves to get the cow crap we ran over along the way cleaned off. Our travelling home smells a lot better now! That inspired us to wash the car. The local water leaves spots so everything has to be dried after washing.

Well, off to town. It just might turn nice and sunny today! Life is Good!

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  1. I know what you mean about the Telcel, it's the same thing with my Telus stick (although mine is twice as pricey). I wonder if cellular internet is the way of the future.

    Pictures, please! ;)