Friday, December 30, 2011

And Here We Go Again!

Well, now Norma has the crud! I have just gotten back to feeling sort of normal and Norma is down. We have put our trip to Bernal off for about a week now and were going to go today but now that is in question.

Tomorrow is New Years Eve and the plan is to cab down to the Plaza de Armas, have dinner, people watch and then come home to watch the festivities around the world on TV.

That is the plan! We shall see if Norma's stomach allows it...


  1. Ugh. Sorry to hear that, we've both been there. But each time it's happened, it's been related to something we ate at a restaurant, and you guys eat out in Mexican restaurants ten times as often as we do, so I think your odds of getting a stomach bug are probably pretty high.

  2. Drink lots of Yakult. It really works to end the crud.

  3. Are you serious Chris??

    Hugs to Norma.

  4. Bummer for Norma - get well soon!