Wednesday, December 5, 2012

BC Election

There will be an election in British Columbia in May, a few days after we return home. Our party, the New Democrats, are leading in the current polls with 45%. The currently governing "Liberals" follow with 25%, the "Conservatives" with 19% and the Greens with 8%.

All through our working lives we helped the NDP during elections with both of us working full time on their campaigns for over twenty years, Norma as a paid campaign manager and I as a volunteer, usually the Official Agent, or "Money Man". We are out of it now except to vote every time but it is nice to see the younger workers doing so well at keeping our progressive party at the top of the polls.


  1. Looking forward to Adrian Dix and the NDP winning in May.

  2. Hey Croft - sorry, latest poll has NDP at 45%, Libs at 35% and Conservatives at 9%. John Cummins is melting down - no real momentum or cash from the sounds of it. It's going to be another dog fight. Positive thing is that Adrian is more popular. Libs are spending $15 million of government money on feel good TV ads to seduce the BC voter, which is pissing off all kinds of people, but as you know, acts like chloroform on the average viewer. Cross your fingers.