Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 21st Will Come And Go

December 21 will not be the end of the world in spite of the Hollywood hype and the belief of an estimated 10% of the world's population. It is merely the end of the 13th  B'ak'tun or the latest 5125 year long cycle of the Mayan Long Count Calendar. 

The Mayan people are welcoming the New Era as the last one was not too kind to the Maya. They were subjected to the Spanish invasion and forced conversion to Christianity. As a result of these two plagues their numbers were reduced from 20 million when the Spanish arrived to less than 1 million when they were finally sent packing. The Maya population has since recovered to about 7 million. Better times must be ahead!

 Or, maybe the world WILL end! I will let you know on the 22nd. We will have a front row seat!


  1. We plan to imbibe beer and wine extra that night... just in case you know.

  2. All of the prophecies (more than two thousand predictions!) throughout time regarding the end of the world have one thing in common. They were all wrong!

    And on December 22, all of the books written about it will be on sale!

  3. Where did you get that 10% believe in this BS? Bill (above) got it right; it sounds like a great excuse for a party. I did read somewhere that the confusion is caused by a bad translation of some text. At any rate, I'll probably be partying like Bill.

  4. I'll be anxiously awaiting your blog on December 22nd to see if we're all safe and alive.

  5. Jeez, I guess we live on the wrong continent.

  6. Linda and I went to a remote Mayan ruin in Guatemala last night. The message from the Maya priesthood was one of peace as the calender rolled over.