Saturday, December 22, 2012

Villa Corona To Hacienda Contreras

It was not a long drive yesterday but was a little nerve racking. We left VC at about 11:00 and headed in the general direction of Lake Chapala. We followed the south shore of the lake on a narrow secondary highway passing through the village of San Louis Soyatlan. The road through this village was barely wide enough for two way traffic but parking was allowed on one side, effectively making it a one way street. If there was oncoming traffic, one of you had to duck into a parking spot to let the other vehicle pass by, something very difficult to do in a 5o foot long motorhome tow car combination. We had some VERY narrow squeaks but made it through with some very white knuckle driving by yours truly. Theresa, Derek and Cassia were following us in their class B motorhome and Teresa was snapping photos of our manoeuvres, some of which I was going to put on the Blog. Unfortunately, she had a malfunction with her Mac computer’s iPhotos and lost all of the day’s photos.

The road eventually turned away from the lake and got better, at least until we got to the town of Mazamitla where it became a long series of potholes for the last two or three miles to Hacienda Contreras. HC is a beautiful little park almost full of very friendly people. Barb and Sal who run the park are very nice and arranged a mezcal factory tour for us today. More on that later.

We are parked right beside Chris and Juan, our Mexican friends from Monterrey, MX. The spots are very wide, giving us probably 30 feet of our own space between rigs. There is 30 amp power, something very rare in Mexico and the water is good, another rarity in Mexico. Rent is a very reasonable $750 pesos a week or about $8.50 a day. By the month it is even cheaper. We do have electric meters and pay 3 pesos (24 cents) per kilowatt hour for all the power we use. The climate is quite moderate here despite being at 6,400 feet elevation so there is not that much need for air conditioning in the day or heat at night. Christmas plans are being made!



  1. Great pics. Looks absolutely perfect.

  2. Glad you made it in one piece......keep sending the details....please! Hugs to all our friends there.

  3. Nice to get all these rver's and bloggers together for Christmas, enjoy!

  4. Seems it was a 'nail biter' drive but now that you've arrived, safe and sound, let the fun begin in earnest! And it seems that is just what is happening. Merry Christmas guys!