Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thinning Out

We lost some friends today! Little Cassia loaded her mom, dad, dog and cat into the RV and they headed to the beaches. They are heading west to Colima and then south along the Pacific to Oaxaca. From there they are not sure but be sure to follow their journey with us on their Blog. I am sure we will meet again!


  1. We'll miss you two! And Cassia will too of course - and not just for the cartoons! LOL

  2. Croft,
    If your friends (Little Cassia) are interested, I posted several times to my blog ( while in Oaxaca. They may be interested in reading about where we went, stayed, did, etc. The dates were Feb 12 -16, 2012 and can be found in my blog's archive on left side of page.
    Glad things are going well. I "kind of" miss it, but Carol Ann and I are just not quite ready to brave it again. Besides, we have had great weather in Texas, until Christmas when winter seemed to arrive overnight. We've had several below freezing nights but winter in Texas never lasts very long. Today is sunny and bright with temp in the 40's (still quite chilly).

    1. Thanks for this Robert. I will be researching on your Blog as well because Norma and I want to head to Oaxaca as well.

      Yes, Texas winters! If you don't like the weather, wait a day or two.

    2. Thanks Robert! I did check out your blog and read up on your travels in and around Oaxaca!