Sunday, December 9, 2012

Making Plans

We are starting to make short term plans, something we are normally not very good at. We leave Mazatlan on Wednesday the 12th and will head towards Villa Corona's Chimulco Hot Springs. We will stay there for a week or so and then maybe head over to Hacienda Contreras where we hope to run into our friends Chris and Juan. If that works out, we may stay there for Christmas. Our mutual friends Claudia and P.J. from Holland are cruising Mexico as well and say they will catch up to us somewhere, maybe Hacienda Contreras? That would be a party!

Maybe after that we will head to San Miguel de Allende to visit our friend Les who has moved there permanently. The only RV park that we fit in is closed but Chris and Juan have found El Charco del Ingenio, a botanical garden just outside of SMA that allows dry camping. That will do for two or three nights.

After that? Who knows? Oaxaca? Maybe. As you know, our plans are made to be changed!

Here we are sharing a combined dinner with our friends Colin and Contessa last night. Unfortunately, Contessa is taking the photo.


  1. Christmas at Hacienda Contreras is a great time!

  2. Sounds like you have a plan, no matter where you go will be an awesome tour.

  3. Hi Croft and Norma, crossing the border tomorrow, planning to be in Mazatlan on Wednesday or Thursday :(
    So now no need to rush for us. We will think about Hacienda Contreras, but we also love the ocean and the beach. We will see.
    Safe travels and enjoy!
    love CPJ