Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tepic To Villa Corona

We awoke this morning to find ourselves completely blocked in by a double trailer semi. I had pulled up to the front of my lane to ensure an easy exit but this jerk* had pulled right across in front of me up to the curb. There was no way around. We had breakfast and got ready to go but he was still missing. Norma walked around the truck and looked in the cab. Nothing. A half hour or so later he came out of the little restaurant across the highway and waved his keys at her. He started the truck, did his tire check and left. Why do they do this? For the same reason disk jockeys phone hospitals pretending to be the Queen. They think it is funny.

We decided to avoid going through the outskirts of Guadalajara this time and took the "Shortcut" described in the Church's book. It probably saved a few minutes and did avoid the heavy traffic in the periferico but it is a pretty bad road in it's own right. It is good part of the way but becomes very narrow and rough after that. Still, it let us see some new country.

We checked in, paid $1,650 pesos for a week and hooked up the Starchoice. Our neighbor's dish is right beside ours so I tried the "match the shadow of the feed horn" method, got it as close as I could and turned on the TV. I had TV!!! My signal was 60 and a little tweak brought it up to 90. We are happy.

I then walked over to meet Derek, Teresa and their charming daughter Cassia. They are a young family from BC spending the winter exploring Mexico in their Class "B" motorhome. Teresa has a Blog here. A Life Made Simple.

*The Jerk:


  1. Good to hear you got there safely.

  2. Thanks for the picture. I was having a hard time visualizing how you were stuck. Glad you made it safely to Villa Corona.

  3. hey croft, maybe you should stay in one of the many r.v. parks also described in THE CHURCHES book,staying in WlMarts, truck stops, couta turnouts is putting the r.v. parks out of business,they do only cost 45- 200 pesos per night, but I guess thats money best spent somewhere else!!!!

    1. Very few Mexican RV parks have pull-throughs and most are off the main roads and some not all that easy to get into. When we are en route from one favorite location to another and just need a place to sleep for a few hours, we use Pemex stations, grocery stores and Walmarts. Don't worry, we spend lots of nights in RV parks and contribute our share to the economy!

  4. Plus there are no RV parks near Tepic!!