Saturday, December 15, 2012

Teach Your Children Well

This is the teenage view of conflict resolution:
conflict res
And of Heroes:
Instead of this
Conflict Resolution:
How many of us have allowed violent computer games to be played in our homes? How many of us have actually bought these games for an adolescent? Do we share the blame when a kid picks up a gun? Or are they only doing as we taught them?

When is it time to discuss this problem? Tomorrow? Wednesday? Next year? I think it was yesterday! It is time for politicians to grow up and quit fearing the NRA. Do your job!

I understand the argument that people who want to kill will find a way to do it. However, a similar attack occurred recently in China where private gun ownership is banned. A madman attacked 22 school children with a knife. It was a brutal, horrific act, chests and faces were slashed, fingers and ears were cut off. The big difference though was that not one child died!

Easy access to guns makes it much easier for unbalanced people to perform these attacks and makes the results much deadlier.


  1. With a Republican controlled congress there will never be any gun legislation, never. They are brainwashed cowards masquerading as public officials.

  2. Sitting here reading the morning news (Sunday). What happened in CT hasn't stopped anyone. It has continued all weekend in AL and CA. There is more I'm sure that I haven't read.

    Assault weapons need to be banned. AK47s and AR15s are not needed to go deer hunting. The U.S. has more weapons than any other.

  3. There is a cultural leaning in this country, bordering of fanaticism, that guns are not the problem. The only ones with the power to make a difference in regulation is Congress. Likely nothing will be done there. Even one of their own (Gabby Gifford) was shot with an assault weapon and they did nothing. Recently, this was exacerbated by a misguided Supreme Court decision on guns that boosted the gun fanatics. So long as children are raised in a culture of guns nothing will change. "The mother of the suspected Sandy Hook Elementary School gunman was an avid gun enthusiast who liked to take her sons to the shooting range to practice their marksmanship. She had a pretty extensive gun collection, was a collector, she was pretty proud of that. She always mentioned that she really loved the act of shooting” (NBC news).

  4. I think you're right on about those violent computer games (and movies) Croft. Do I think anything will change now? No. The tipping point, I'm afraid, is still a long way off.

  5. I agree totally about the violent games and television shows but there is a violent streak in humanity that keeps showing up. I'm not sure we can fix humanity.

  6. When I was growing up, the kids were being bad because they listed to Ozzy Osbourne. Now it's playing video games that are violent. Perhaps it's even watching CNN and what is happening in other countries that are getting bombed and you see the dead being dragged away.
    I however, believe that the blame can shift to whatever you want or whomever you want. But in the end it's just people making bad decisions.
    I listened to Ozzy and didn't go out killing myself or anyone else. I had a good moral compass within my household that allowed me to make good decisions and not follow a bad path. Part of that is perhaps upbringing, my parents talking to me and showing me how to live properly.

    I'm just staying without getting into the psyche of the people/person that did this, it's hard to pin what happened on one thing. Easy to blame, hard to prove. Maybe Adam didn't even own a violent game? We don't know.

  7. Have to disagree with Karyn Lee. I believe there is far more violence in the last 15 years in the way of computer games, the Internet, television and movies.

    Assault rifles need to be ban and still more qualifying for the right to own any gun.

    You have to wonder (in the most terrible way) how there were no wounded - everyone shot dead. I suppose we will learn later about the range and the number of shots and much speculation on motive.

    20 children between 6-7 A HUGE American Tragedy!

    1. Those assault rifles were not designed to wound. There are no "through and throughs" with them, the bullets make a small hole going in and a huge crater coming out. Even what should be a minor wound in an adult causes death from shock because of the massive tissue damage they are designed to inflict. These guns were designed for warfare, not "protection". The children were each shot several times, some as many as eight times.

    2. I agree with karyn lee. Always something else to blame. Parents are never at fault here.
      Parents don't pay attention to their kids. They are so worried about making more money, they work more hours and the kids at ignored. We can blame this on anything. There is NOT more violence due to video games.

  8. (sorry had a couple typos - thus the deletion)

    So what is a 20 year old kid or his mom doing with an assault rifle? I am a libertarian - but honestly as Obama suggests - this has got to stop.

    While not being an Obama fan - I have to say watching his initial news conference touched me - I think the man has a heart - and that is a good thing.

    1. Politicians so feared the NRA "Report Card" they dare not speak up in the past. Maybe the realization that none of these 20 kids killed on their watch will ever get a real report card will give them the slap in the face they need to act.

  9. sorry had to delete to reword a little...
    To clarify I never said owing a gun is a good idea. I hate guns. I hate violence. I don't play video games but I do watch TV (mostly news).

    I'm just saying that you can't blame video games or TV when you don't understand the reason for the violence.
    I hope the politicians start the process on Gun control. Owning guns like that should be banned, no matter who you are. Too many lives lost in a short time.

    It's good to keep the conversation going though.