Monday, December 17, 2012

The Bakery

There is a small bakery just down the road from the RV park here in Villa Corona. It is a family operation and makes delicious bread and pastries. We went on Friday to buy a few things and asked about bread. Traditional loaves of bread are not that popular in Mexico. People seem to prefer the smaller buns. Bread loaves are hard to find. We explained what we wanted, drawing a picture on the flour covered work table and told him we wanted three loaves. He said, "Monday morning".

We were at the shop just before nine this morning and were told to come back at 11:15. I think he was waiting to see if we were really serious as he did not want to be stuck with something he would have a hard time selling. We came back at 11:15 and were told 12:00. At 12:00 we were told "twenty minutes more" and at 12:20, he took the bread out, tapped the tops, slid them back and said, "four more minutes". He was apologetic but we just laughed and said, "No problema", we wanted it "perfecto".

Here is the unmarked entry to the shop down the lane way:

And the shop. Still no markings or signs, just a doorway with wonderful smells:

Inside the shop:

And the final result! $70 pesos ($5.40)


  1. Bet it tastes as good as it looks. And a real bargin.

  2. Was it tasty?

    I can smell it all the way over here! :)

    1. It was delicious with a little butter and some honey!

  3. The bread looks wonderful. Next time, try asking for a baguette. That is what it is called where I visit in Mexico.