Sunday, December 23, 2012


Sal and Barb, the owners of Hacienda Contreras, arranged for a tour of a private mezcal producer. At 11:00 we headed out in a caravan of five vehicles.  It was very interesting and we were able to see the process right from the growing plants, the mashing and fermenting process right to the actual cooking and evaporative process that drips the final product into clay jugs. We sampled the finished product along with some great cheese that Barb had brought along and were invited to buy some mezcal to take home. We had brought our own bottles along for this purpose. My container of choice was an empty wine bottle which the owner happily filled for 120 pesos ($9.50).

It was a family run operation situated on a huge farm in the hills near the RV park. They appear to grow some other crops but their main source of income is obviously the mezcal. One of the owners sons who lives and works in Chicago was there. He says he much prefers Mexico to the USA. It is not hard to see why. Life is so laid back on the farm. Everything gets done but there is no sense of urgency. Everyone, including the few employees, seem very happy and proud of their operation.

After the tour we were invited to the nearby hilltop home of Jesus, one of the owners, to eat the lunches we had brought along. It was nearby but much higher in elevation. The final few hundred feet were on foot, again up a steep hill, and I could really feel I was at about 8000 feet altitude. The house was pretty basic with an outdoor kitchen but had sweeping views of the peaceful surrounding countryside. It was a little piece of paradise! Here are the mezcal photos:


And the hilltop lunch stop. Paradise!



  1. Gotta love the small family run business, and seeing the product actually being made.
    Looks like you had a great day with the whole crew!

  2. Hmmm....a wee dram of Mezcal - straight up - should cure any ailment? Enjoy. Nice photo tour from high up in Mexico.