Friday, December 28, 2012

La Cascadas Paraiso

Yesterday Kevin and Ruth offered to lead those who wanted to go to a local waterfall. We jumped in with Chris and Juan while Brian and Sue loaded Kevin and Ruth into their car and the eight of us headed off. It was not far but the route went through a small village with tiny streets. Chris commented that if anyone ever tried to get an RV through these streets, that RV would become a permanent fixture in that town as you could never back it out! We found the poorly marked road to the falls and after walking down the last steep hill, got to the entrance which was through a restaurant. We paid our $5 peso per person entry fee and pre-ordered lunch for when we came back.


We were met at the trail by some grazing burrows. The restaurant bar was an interesting feature, looking like it does not get much use. The sign on the wall says something like, “You are responsible for your own actions. Do not look for someone else to blame. Thank you for your visit”. It was a great day. A little exercise and a lot of laughs.


  1. Looks like a fun time but that bar needs some action!!

  2. Love the sign but I can see why there aren't many gringos visiting. Taking responsibility for our actions isn't high on the hit parade.

    1. Yes, crazy concept. Slip on a rock under the falls and break your leg, it is your own fault! No lawsuits!