Saturday, December 8, 2012

CV Joints and Update

Danny the mechanic came around late yesterday afternoon and asked for the Honda. He would take it to his shop and start on the CV joint replacement. This morning at about 8:30 he knocked on the door and showed me the old CV joints he had removed. He said they were worn out and had to be replaced. Well, I knew that already and told him to go ahead. He then asked if I wanted him to go to town and find the parts or if I wanted to find them myself. Huh? I have no car even if I wanted to, which I didn't. When I said I wanted him to do it he said it might take a couple of days (today is Saturday) and that he would need some money up front for the parts. He suggested $2000 pesos ($160), which I gave him. He said if the parts were less he would take the difference off the final bill.

I hope I am not getting an uneasy feeling about Danny. Contessa says he is honest and has done a lot of work for them over the years. But then like Chris commented on the car painting post, I am probably paying the "Gringo Price".


Danny just returned the car all fixed! The parts were 1990 pesos (he gave me the bill), labour was 700 and transportation to town and back, including a cab between auto supply stores was 200. With a 100 peso tip the total was 3000 pesos or $231. I took a test drive and no more click, click, click! I am sorry for feeling a little nervous about Danny, he is a good mechanico! Life is good.


  1. Hmmmm, a Gringo Price? Go figure. Wishing you a good result with the Honda repairs. Awesome spot you have the RV resting on in Mexico!

  2. 2000 pesos is actually $160, not $180.

    Not sure whether yours is an automatic or a standard, but you can buy remanufactured CV drive axles in the U.S. for about $50 each. If it's a standard, the driver's side is a little different and is also about $90 instead of $50. So to know if you're getting a decent price on the parts, it should come to between $100 and $140 for the both of them.

    1. It is an automatic. My son says the parts would be about $75 each in Canada. So that seems to conform with what Danny asked for $160 up front. Thanks, I feel better.

      I changed the figure. It was finger trouble, not a math deficiency.

  3. Glad you got ir all fixed up and running agan. Yes Danny is a pretty good mechanico.