Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wrapping Up

We are washing the windows and starting to put things away here in Mazatlan, getting ready for tomorrows departure for Tepic. The week has gone by very quickly but it has been a relaxing week. Stone Island is too far from downtown Mazatlan to make a trip there really worthwhile (in travel time, not miles) so we didn't go. It also let us catch up a little on the finances as there were no gas purchases or restaurant meals for the week. The only groceries we bought were from the vegetable truck and that was less than 200 pesos total. David, or "King David" as he calls himself, finally came by to collect the weekly parking fee of $170 USA so that chore is done.

In the morning we face the 45 minute drive out the dirt road back to the airport before we tackle the three hour toll road to Tepic. This time we will start the toll road with a full gas tank! Last year we pulled into Tepic with the fuel warning light on. There are no gas stations for the entire distance and the only way to get gas is to leave the toll road and then pay to get back on it.

Tomorrow night will probably be the first toll booth after Tepic. Lots of trucks stop there for the night and there are vendors and an all night taco stand. It is usually a little noisy and bright but safe, friendly and free.

** Contessa reminds me that the panga and cab ride to town is very cheap and fast if we really wanted to go. There are also numerous restaurants on the Isla, in fact one of them is right beside us!

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  1. Pretty steep weekly parking fee - but then that is a tourist community.

    I am surprised about the Pemex station scarcity. In most of our recent travels in the last few years - there are mucho!

  2. I have to disagree with you Croft, having lived here for the last 3 years, it is only 15 minutes from our RV door here on the Isla to Mazatlan Centro and the mercardo. Five minutes less to the theatre on Plazuela Machado. The boats are fast and the pulmonia is only 30 pesos.

    Also for those reading here, there are lots of restaurants on the Isla if you choose to go to them.

    FYI, as soon as you get back on the main road from the airport road there is a Pemex on your left!

    1. You are correct, Contessa. I guess I just meant that it is so laid back here on the Isla, I just don't have the desire to go to town or to eat out. Like you say, there are plenty of restaurants and in fact one is only 20 feet from our door.

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  4. Safe travels Croft - we left Aticama this morning and are now in Villa Corona. We are the camper van in the corner - would be nice to meet you when you arrive.

    1. We will be there tomorrow! It will be great to meet you.