Sunday, December 30, 2012

Market Day And Catching Up

Yesterday was market day in Valle de Juarez so we climbed into the back seat of Chris and Juan’s SUV and headed out. For some reason Chris and Juan have been acting as our chauffeurs so often here that Barb, the park owner, asked if there was something wrong with the Honda. Here is the market and a shot of the local Malecon along the lakeside.


Last night Chris and Juan offered to treat Norma and I to enchiladas. About six o’clock we were heading out when a few others asked to join us. We all headed to the local Valle de Juarez centro and a small restaurant where we stuffed ourselves on enchiladas de queso with a really nice creamy sauce. Thanks guys, it was delicious. This was after Chris and Juan made breakfast of Huevos Rancheros with potatoes and beans for the whole RV park! That was a memorable breakfast!

Today is cooler and overcast and has the makings of a lazy day. We have all been invited to a birthday party for the two year old son of a friend of Sal and Barbs in a nearby town. Many are going but Norma and I decided to stay home. We may fire up the Honda and go back to the centro for a closer look and maybe find some fresh squeezed OJ.


  1. Treated to 2 meals in one day! Lucky you. Enjoy your evening off.

  2. You two are sure having a great Mexican holiday! Fun to read about your excursions....and sheesh....the foods you guys partake in is pretty darned inviting!

  3. Looks like you missed a whole lot of cake!