Sunday, January 20, 2013

Campfire Night

Humberto lit his fire last night! His worker stacks all the tree trimmings and fallen branches in a big pile and every once in a while when there are a few people in the park, it gets lit.

Last night after dark, Humberto invited everyone to the fire area and lit the five foot high pile of very dry wood. Here are the people present, sorry, no photos.

Old Friends:

A Jewish couple who have lived in Mexico City for many years. Solomon and Humberto have been friends for decades and he and his wife have a small trailer here in the park year around. They visit when they can. Solomon and his wife were Humberto's first customers when he opened the park. Their son teaches at the University of Victoria, BC.

Rosella, a woman from Italy who lives and works in Mexico City. Her and her daughter leave their motorhome parked here. These people were all here when we spent Christmas here four years ago.

New Friends:

A young family from Argentina who live in Mexico City. He is a computer programmer and systems guy who, after completing his education in Argentina had three job offers to choose from, one each in Chile, Holland and Mexico. They chose Mexico and have been here for many years, Their three children were born in Mexico and have dual citizenship. They have a permanent trailer here and come for three weekends every month.

A Mexican family from Toluca with two teenage boys. She is a dentist and he works in an office. Their 16 year old son, David is a very intelligent young man who speaks perfect English which he learned from watching TV. He is going to be a doctor. His older brother did not come to the fire so we did not meet him. They are camping in a tent. David promises to comment on my Blog.

Humberto told us the story of how he came to buy the RV park many years ago and some history of the land which was an onion field when he bought it for 6 (old) pesos a square meter back in the seventies. He says this was "a fortune" back then.

We all talked for hours in a variety of languages! It is like the United Nations here. Come and visit Humberto, you will love it here!


  1. He would have to do a lot better than 380 pesos ($30.40) a night for us to consider staying there.

    1. That is the one night, drive in rate. We are paying considerably less.

  2. Imagine learning a language watching television. Lucky guy.

  3. Pretty neat post Croft! How nice to be visiting with couples you met four years ago! They all sound so interesting!

    Sounds like David is going to be successful in life!

  4. A priceless evening. Worth every peso in my opinion.