Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Think I Will Live

I feel 100% better today. Still a long way from my old self but definitely on the mend. We will put our shopping trip off for another day. A taxi into Cuernavaca costs 150 pesos ($11.50) each way, a lot cheaper than renting a car. The Mega grocery store is only a couple of blocks from the Cortez Palace Plaza so we will go there, have a look around, maybe have lunch and then walk to the store.

This is the fourth day since the painter and his charming daughter drove off in the Honda. He said it would take him ten days and I did not argue, it takes what it takes. We sure do miss the convenience of being able to jump in the car and running to the market for salad stuff or whatever. Maybe it was a good thing that Norma insisted on bringing so much canned and frozen food along!

Bye, little Honda!


  1. Well, you've burned up a few days recuperating. Only a week to go.

  2. Good to read that you are on the mend. I look forward to seeing the newly painted Honda.

  3. Getting better is good, you should be fine when you car comes back!

  4. Great to hear you're feeling better. Sure hope your Honda comes back - and, freshly painted!

    1. Coming back would be great Rick, a nice paint job would be a bonus! ;)