Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Eve

We had a great New Years Eve here at Hacienda Contreras. We started off with a work bee installing Chris and Juan's solar panel. Chris and Kevin had to drive to a neighboring town to buy cable and stainless steel hardware and then the job started. Kevin used to work in an RV repair place and had some good ideas for the install, I had my old tool box from when I worked for a living and a rivet kit, Keeble had a battery operated drill and a strong hand for setting the rivets, Jerry and Juan tightened all the aircraft type nuts and bolts and Chris supervised and helped Kevin measure stuff. Sal had a drill press in his shop which came in handy for me drilling the "Z" brackets. We worked until it started to rain (the first rain we have seen so far this winter). The rain came just as Kevin and Chris were about to make the first hole in the roof so we wrapped things up quickly and started getting ready for the party.

Norma and Juan spend an hour or two cutting up fruit and veggies while Chris and I had naps. Just before the party was to start the rain picked up and the power went off! A look towards town told us it was off there as well so it could last a while. It does not bother us in the RV but the party was on hold as there was no light up there. Chris and Juan came over for a drink and I found the remnants of a bottle of single malt that our house sitter had given me before we left.

When Jason (a childhood friend of our son) came over to discuss the house sitting he opened a bottle of single malt that his dad, a liquor salesman, had sent him. We sampled a few drams and he asked me what I thought of it. I said it was smooth but perhaps a little too peaty for my taste. He said, "Yes, it is way too peaty. In fact this is the worst $300 bottle of scotch I have ever tasted!" By the time we had gotten to the bottom half of the bottle it was tasting a little better and I managed to save a small amount to bring to Mexico. That was what Chris and I finished off before the party last night.

By now the lights were back on in the common room and the party had started. Everyone had fun and then close to midnight Juan got us all organized into a Mexican game of "Wink", a form of Musical Chairs without music but with a subtle sexual connotation. The women sat in chairs set in a ring with their men standing behind them. The extra man (Chris) stood behind an empty chair. The extra man then winked at one of the seated women who then jumped out of her chair and moved to his chair before her partner could grab her and hold her back. Once all the women had changed chairs a couple of times, the men took the chairs with the women standing behind and winking. It was a lot of fun and ended just before the countdown to midnight. After hugs and kisses all around, we packed up the substantial leftovers and headed home. It was an exhausting day and I was happy to see my bed! It is not very often that I am still up after midnight.


The solar panel job with rain clouds threatening in the background. We will finish today if the rain holds off.


  1. Sounds like a great party!! Happy 2013.

  2. You guys do know how to have a really good time. Sure seems like everyone pitches in to help out - on all fronts. Cannot beat that!

    Wishing you both a fun-filled, fantastic and fulfilled 2013.

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