Sunday, January 27, 2013

More Good Times

Humberto's employee came and knocked on our door Saturday morning. He tried his best to get his message across but we simply failed to connect. He went to get Humberto to translate and we learned he was telling us his sister was getting married that afternoon in the nearby village. He wanted to tell us that a great amount of food was being prepared and that he would like to bring us some later in the day if we were going to be home. How kind of him to think of us! (I actually had it pretty close. I thought he was trying to invite us to his house for dinner.)

He was the one who recommended his painter friend to us and I had failed to get his name. After he left, I asked Humberto but just could not get my tongue around the name. Humberto had trouble pronouncing it as well so I did not feel bad. He said it was the Mexican equivalent of "Roger".

At about 6:00 PM "Roger" and his gorgeous girlfriend (who also works part time here) came to the door with a container of meat in a spicy mole sauce along with a stack of warm tortillas as well as a linen place mat embroidered with the names of the couple, "Deme y Fany". The young people were both very well dressed and were happy to pose for a photo. What generous people! Typical Mexicans!

Later Saturday night Humberto knocked on the door to tell us there would be another bonfire. We poured a drink and walked over to meet the new weekend visitors. The Argentinian couple were back with their three kids plus another group of Mexicans. Julio is a lawyer from Mexico City and his wife is a Federal Police officer. His English is good and we talked for a while. While we were at the fire his mother and father arrived. They were obviously a close knit family and reminded me very much of myself and my son. He said his father is his best friend.

We exchanged cards and he said if we ever need help to call him any time, day or night. I hope we will never need his professional help but his card will be a very valuable thing to hold onto!

Here is Humberto's bonfire last night. Just to give you an idea of the size, the "sticks" at the base of the fire are four to five feet long! It is not the kind of fire you huddle around!


  1. Any Mexican from Mexico City that we have met are so very very giving. I am still hanging on to some of the cards we have.

  2. When hoping to view a bigger image, I click on the photo, and it become incredibly tiny!! This should not be so!

    1. If you're using Windows, RIGHT CLICK on the image, and then click on it again. It'll be much bigger then. Good luck.

  3. When we were at Hacienda Contreras Keeble & Carol had a dog named Roger and I asked Sal what the name would be in Spanish and he said Rogilio I think - which would be rrroh hill eeoh or something like that phonetically. Not quite that easy but as close as I could get. B

  4. That bonfire looks mean. I have not been to a bonfire since high school which was quite a few years ago. Looks like a fun night.