Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hacienda Contreras to Morelia

After paying our electric bill, we said our final goodbye’s by 10:30 this morning and pulled out. The electric is metered and charged at 3 pesos ($.24) per KWH. In 21 days we had gone through 308 KWH’s for a cost of 924 pesos or about $72 CAN. This is higher than normal for the park but we used our electric heater a lot at night. The nightly rate at HC is so low that even with the electric it is still very cheap, about $12.85 per day for us. Much cheaper if you conserve your electric usage. Hacienda Contreras is very reasonably priced for a very well managed park with good water and excellent showers. Thanks again Barb and Sal.

We followed the bumpy road to Mex 110 and turned north. It was a pretty good road through nice farm country on free roads. We stopped for propane which in Mexico is not propane, but butane. The two are completely interchangeable in warm weather but we have to get rid of it before we go back home where it is cooler. The cost for 20 liters was 130 pesos ($10.11 CAN).

We had one little adventure along the way. There was a confusing turn in Sahuayo and we ended up on the wrong road. There was no room to make a u-turn so we followed the road for a bit. I got out to investigate one possible spot and a gentleman who was sweeping his walkway asked me if I needed help. I told him we had a large moto-casa and needed to make a u-turn. He told me to carry on a hundred meters and turn right on the dirt lane and it would loop back. It was a pretty rough road but it got us back to the intersection. Another friendly, helpful Mexican! It always amazes me that so many people will not travel in Mexico. We passed two Federal Police checkpoints today and were waved through both. There is a police and military presence on the highways and we feel completely safe. We always have. Any bad guys that may be around are not interested in us, they are frying much bigger fish.

We finally got on the Cuota (Toll) road MEX 15D at La Barca. Two toll booths later as we approached the turnoff for Morelia we saw a sign saying there was a Pemex gas station in 40 KM. We had no other reason to go to Morelia other than to sleep so we pushed on to the Pemex. It is a large station with lots of parking out back so we bought 1500 pesos worth of regular gas and asked the attendant if we could park. He was a very pleasant young man who had lived in Seattle. I asked him if he had worked in Seattle and with a twinkle in his eye he said, “No working, I have no visa”. That usually means he was caught and deported. He said we were welcome to stay as long as we wanted.

It is 5:00 PM, 86 outside and 81 inside. Norma is running the generator and the air conditioner. There is a restaurant on the property that we may or may not go to later. We had a large lunch just three hours ago. There is no Internet service here for my Telcel stick so I will send this tomorrow. We have movies on the PVR for tonight.


  1. I concur with your thoughts on travel in Mexico. Although we have not RV'd there, we have traveled the country from right-left, south to north and absolutely loved our time in Mexico. We have never, ever, felt threatened. I have felt threatened in some parts of Chicago, New Orleans, Miami and Los Angeles though. I need also mention that I was followed in Montreal, Quebec, and once avoided a potential altercation in Toronto.....but never, ever in Mexico.

  2. I guess the telcel clicked in! Glad to see all turned out well. Goes to show that even you well seasoned Mexico travellers get turned around sometimes.

    We too have had absolutely no problems in Mexico traveling. All Mexicans have been friendly and welcoming towards us!

  3. The three months we spent rving in Mexico was awesome. No problems and felt very safe as well. Just loved it.