Wednesday, January 9, 2013

One Day More

We rested too much yesterday and did not get much done in the way of preparations to leave. So... we will be here one more day and will leave tomorrow FOR SURE. I will use my time to do a wrap up posting of some photos I want to share.
Mazamitla is the larger of the two towns near Hacienda Contreras, the other being Valle de Juarez. It is about 10 KM west of Hacienda Contreras and is designated a Pueblo Magico. It was founded by the Aztecs in 1165. It's name comes from the Nahuatl language and means, "The place where arrows to hunt deer are made". The emblem of the city is the deer.
The dyed chicks are for sale everywhere. If you buy one they pop them into a plastic bag, punch a few air holes in it and hand it to the buyer. I am told they eventually shed the dyed feathers and become regular chickens. The stand in the market sells pizza slices. I have bought pizza several times in Mexico and find they do not use tomato sauce (or at least not much of it) on their pizza. Most people add catsup which is not the same thing. It is not bad though as they are usually generous with the cheese.
Mazamitla’s central Jardine is very beautiful and is kept spotlessly clean. We stopped at a tiny coffee shop for a Cappuccino for me and a Latte for Norma. We ordered inside and sat at two of four chairs on the sidewalk out front. 
This was a huge group of Priests outside the church. They all appeared to be young but when I asked a man who was watching if they were “Nuevo Padres” he said “no”. Maybe it was some kind of a Priest convention. Anyway they were all happy and busy taking each other’s photos.


  1. Nice photos Croft. Hey, it's always OK to hold off leaving for another spot till you are good and ready. You can't get fired for that!

  2. Our Mexican friends add mayo to their pizza.

  3. Wow, look at those colourful chicks! I wonder why the ducklings were not similarly dyed? Anyway, I hope the dyeing process is painless.