Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stormy Weather

It has rained off and on since New Years Eve. Last night at about 4 AM we woke up from the sound of rain on the roof and rocking of the rig caused by wind gusts. It is now clearing a little and Chris just knocked on the door to say the solar panel job was going to continue as the forecast was for clearing skies this afternoon. They really want to get the panel mounted and out of their bedroom before they leave on the 7th so that is the goal for today, to at least mount the panel on the roof. If it is too wet to open up the caulking beside the plumbing vent where the cable will be going down, we can coil and tape the cable safely on the roof and they can complete the job another day. They still need a controller which might be available in Guadalajara, their next stop. There is actually a solar store there and the guy says he can have a controller for them two days after they order it. They need a special controller as the panel is a residential type with a 29 volt nominal output, too high for a regular controller.

That is one big solar panel! Humm.... blue side up or blue side down?

Good plan. Send the two biggest guys up on the roof! No harm done despite Norma yelling, "Croft, get away from the edge!".

Installation done! We finished caulking just as the wind picked up to the point it would have blown Kevin and I off the roof! Results? No leaks and an un-terminated reading of 35 volts under a heavily overcast sky! Cables sticking out of a hole in the inside wall all ready for the controller to be purchased and installed. Chris and Juan will have boondocking power to spare!


  1. So, will there be a few tequilas for the workers when the job is done?

  2. You guys should have worn some airbag clothes just in case of a fall. They have been invented, haven't they?

  3. So what are they doing about batteries? Putting a couple large 6Vs on the tongue where most bumpertows have them doesn't sound too workable.

    1. That is what they have now Don (what the trailer came with) but they are looking at moving them to the only outside bin near the back. Right now the tongue weight is pretty high and the batteries are exposed to the weather and mud from the SUV tires. Not too many options on those trailers.