Thursday, January 10, 2013

Look Where We Are Headed!

The City of Eternal Spring! The city Cortez (bad guy) chose for his palace. Sixty KM south of Mexico City. Tonight we will boondock in Morelia, about a four or five hour drive away and about the same distance again tomorrow to Cuernavaca. Road Trip!

Norma! Where are my short pants?


  1. No one likes a bragger. It's cold in Phoenix. Well, at least it is compared to what we are used too. 85s look wonderful.

  2. Hey, if I drove all that way, I'd brag too. Good on ya.
    Happy Motoring.

  3. Well, we did get temperatures in the mid-seventies yesterday here and in Lake Havasu City, where we were for several hours. Mid 80's is very pleasant....!