Saturday, January 12, 2013

El Mogote to Cuernavaca

It was not a bad night last night. We went to sleep early because it was very dark and quiet but a little too cool for just a sheet. At 4:00 AM the neighbor turned a radio on quite loud and left it on. I am not sure if he was telling us to move on or what. Anyway, we left at about 8:00 and continued on the narrow, winding road towards Mex 95D between Acapulco and Mexico City. It was a fairly short drive of 60 KM or so but a lot of it driving very slow on the narrow, sometimes steep road.

We found our turnoff to the village where El Paraiso RV Park is and followed the Church's directions to the road leading to the park. At that point we had a "discussion" as to whether we were on the right road. I remembered it from 2007 but Norma was sure we were on the wrong road. We stopped, she got out and flagged down a motorcycle taxi to lead us and just as we were about to head out Humberto, the owner of the RV park stopped in his car. We paid the taxi and Humberto lead us to the park. It was exactly where I was going to drive before we had the "discussion"!

We parked, hooked up and paid for one week. The new rate is 380 pesos a night but he recognized us from last time and gave us a special "Returning Customer Rate" of 1750 pesos a week. I like Humberto. He was the guy who, in 2007, let us struggle with our very poor Spanish asking for a parking space. After a very frustrating couple of minutes he said, "If you are more comfortable with English we can speak that. I worked as an electrical engineer in the USA for 35 years".

Humberto has phoned an auto painter who is coming tomorrow to give us an estimate to paint the Honda. It is an '89 that just will not die. We do not want a factory perfect job, just repair a couple of rust spots, sand and spray it. As long as it looks good from 20 feet away, that is good enough.

We are having trouble finding the StarChoice signal. We will try again after dark when I can see the TV through the window.

EDIT: After I struggled for a good hour with the dish, getting the odd "flash" of signal and then immediately loosing it, Norma gave it a try. Sure enough, two minutes later she had it! I tightened everything down and locked it in. Success!!


  1. Yup - know all about those 'discussions' - we have had a few ourselves. Umberto sounds like a super guy!

    Looking forward to pics of that area because of course we've not been there - yet!

  2. Whew, the day ends in a tie, one for Croft and one for Norma. Gotta luv Umberto, I recall your posts from back then. Sleep well.

  3. Do you have the link to all the Shaw signal info? I can send it to you if you like.

    1. Thanks Contessa, we have the coordinates for all over Mexico and the USA. Sometimes it just takes longer. Today I was tired and fighting a sore throat.

  4. All that talk about repainting the Honda makes me want to sneak my truck into Mexico for a paint job. I've got some baaaaaad rust on one side. :(

    I know you're tired and had a tough driving day, so could we have some pictures of the campground tomorrow? :)