Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shopping Trip

We were running out of just about everything so, even though Norma thought she might be coming down with a little of whatever I had, we asked Humberto to phone a cab for us and we went to the Mega store in Cuernavaca. It is about 20 KM and the cab fare was 150 pesos ($11.50) each way.

We shopped for a good hour, filled the cart, had a coffee in the store cafe, paid our 2000 peso ($160) bill and caught a cab home. Like I say, we were low on pretty much everything as it has been over a month since we were in a "real" grocery store. We are stocked up again. The most expensive thing we bought was ground coffee, about 260 pesos ($20) for three pounds. Mexican coffee is very good but it is not cheap. One of the reasons so many Mexicans use instant coffee (yuk).

We had a few other things to do in the City but neither one of us was feeling good enough for walking too far so we will save haircuts and lunch for another day.

The car painter is Humberto's employee's neighbor so I asked him to check on the progress of the paint job and to find out how much longer it will be. I am not expecting it to take less than the original estimate of ten days but thought I should let the guy know I was asking about it. I do not want him to think there is no rush and maybe take on another job in the meantime. It is amazing how often we wish we had the car. It has been gone five days now. We will end up being here for two weeks, maybe more.


  1. Good luck with the car and hope both get feeling better soon.

    1. we had better get the car back and start feeling better or this Blog is going to be very dull reading!

    2. Just post some more pics of that beautiful area where you are for all of us stuck in the cold.