Sunday, January 13, 2013

Paint Job!

Humberto came through with a car painter! He asked his employee if he knew of someone and was told that he had a friend who was a good painter. He came at 10:00 to have a look at the car. He identified all the rust spots and problem areas and said he could do the complete job for 4,500 pesos ($350 CAN). He also pointed out that the drivers side doors had been repainted, something I of course knew about but my eye was not good enough to notice. This is a great price and about 1/3 of the 12,000 pesos we were quoted in Mazatlan. You have to love small town Mexico! I gave him 2000 pesos for material, he took the gas cap cover off for matching purposes and is going to buy paint today. He is even going to remove and paint the hubcaps. He will bring his helper back and pick up the car in two hours.

The only unfortunate thing is, he needs to take the car away for "approximately ten days" to complete the job! This will be inconvenient but Humberto assured us that taxis are readily available and come right to the park when he calls them. He says taxi rates all the way to Cuernavaca (15 - 20 KM) are very reasonable and much cheaper than renting a car.


After: Oops, wait ten days!


  1. Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway, that's a great price, even if you factor in all the cab fares.
    The old car is getting into rough shape. May as well have something half decent to look at. With body work being as pricey as it is, most cars I've "used up" were never given any cosmetic treatment.

  2. Sounds like a great deal, hope he does a good job for you.

  3. For that kind of money, even if it's not a great job, you can't go wrong.

    1. That is what I think Kevin. It does not have to look great under a magnifying glass. I would be happy with it looking good from 20 feet away.

  4. I knew you would persist and eventually find the right painter. I concur that if it looks good from a few feet away, it's a darn good job for the cash outlay.

  5. Good to know.. for when we pimp our ride. Khaki matte . Adios amigoes, Derek.

  6. Great price. If it is going to take 10 days it is likely to be a good job.

  7. It’s been days already; how’s the new paint job? And I agree that you were able to strike a good deal with the car painter. Now all you need to do is to maintain it, so more expenses can be avoided. Of course, regular washing and proper drying are the best tricks to do the job!

    Darius Martinez