Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gift From Carlos Slim

I got a message from Telcel today telling me my Banda Ancha will expire on Feb 2. They also told me I have enough credit to pay for a month! I have only bought time twice this winter at 500 pesos a month and yet I have accumulated 500 pesos in "gifts" and rebates! This same thing happened to me last year.


  1. I won't render my epiphany on the glories of the richest man on the planet, but I knew he was a good guy. See!

  2. hmmmmm - that hasn't happened to me - darn! Lucky!

    1. I don't really understand it Teresa, like I say, if happened last year as well. If you notice a big Telcel store (not an agency), go in and ask how much is in your account. My notice came in the form of a text message on the Telcel program when it opens. Click the "Messages" box and check your "Inbox". Some of my credit could have been left over from previous years, I don't know.

  3. It's a like a brand new gift. No arguments from you, eh?